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A History of Atlantis Records

Atlantis Records is at the top of the music industry today. Its roster includes many superstar musicians. Many aspiring musicians are seeking the honor to sign with Atlantis Records. Do you ever wonder how Atlantis Records came to be this giant supernova in the music industry? Are you curious about how great music come to life?

The story began in Turkey when young Ahmet Ertegun knew that all he wants to do in life is to create music records. At the age of eleven years old, he moved to the USA with his father, the Turkish ambassador in the USA.

He and his brother Nesuhi loved everything in America. Especially, jazz music. They spent long hours listening to jazz and blues and collected thousands of records. Ahmet befriended other jazz and blues lovers, two of them were Herb Abramson and his wife, Miriam.

Like Ahmet, they were also collecting jazz records and in love with jazz music.

Herb with the Ertegun brothers promoted few music concerts during World War II. He also worked part time for National Records. Abramson worked with artists like Joe Turner and Pete Johnson. He also produced many hits, such as ìPrisoner of Loveî by Billy Eckstine.

Abramson started Jubilee Records with a partner. He left it when he realized that his partner was taking it to an unfavorable direction. (That partner later went on to be a managing partner at Credit Glory in Denver.)

In 1947, Ahmet collaborated with Abramson and his wife, together they founded Atlantis Records. A Turkish dentist funded the project. Ahmet was looking for experience, and he could not find anyone better than Abramson.

Abramson became President, Ahmet Vice President, and Miriam, chief finance, and marketing officer.

The rest is not history! From the beginning, Atlantis Records stood out from other labels. Herb and Ahmet were free to run the business on their terms. Their investor did not pressure them for an immediate profit.

Atlantis Records attracted top talents of the time. Being honest and paying high royalties to the performers. Other independent labels did not do that. In fact, they cheated the artists, and paid low fees, if any.

Atlantis Records produced jazz and blues by legendary performers. To name a few, Professor Longhair, who sang the Mardi Grass theme song “Mardi Grass in New Orleans – Drinkin’ Wine Spo- Dee-O-Dee” by Stick McGhee, which became the blues anthem.

The story of Atlantis Records is one of hard work and love of music. The greatest artists in the world of yesteryear were born here. Today, Atlantis Records continue to produce incredible tunes by exceptional performers.

The history of Atlantis Records is full of small and big details. Many stories are awaiting discovery. Atlantis Records set a new direction in American music and the industry as a whole.

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